A shy little girl who grew up in a small town on the Canadian prairies, I didn’t have a lot of dreams for the future, but as God led,
I became a school teacher, then a missionary, and finally, retired from a 28-year banking career.

The new venture began several years ago, with a fresh insight into the Christian walk as a process of casting off things from our lives that are not of God, and being renewed in our minds by the Truth which sets us free to be the person God created us to be (i.e. spiritual warfare, repentance, sanctification, and the work of the Holy Spirit).

As I was learning and processing what God was teaching me, He planted in my heart the seed of a book that would challenge more people like myself to take another look at what the Bible teaches about who we are in Christ, what God wants us to be, and how He wants to accomplish this, with our co-operation. “He Brought Me Out!” was what was born after a nine-month gestation!

Whether as a personal devotional or as a Bible study, I hope my books bring greater revelation and understanding to God’s word.