Kingdom Lessons From The Fabric Of Life

Ready for my third book (such a great personal devotional).  Here’s a little something to whet your appetite from my second (yes, second!) book Kingdom Lessons from the Fabric of Life!

The possibility of what God can do in us and with us is as unlimited as God’s imagination…What we become is only limited by our measure of yieldedness to Him, in obedience and purity…God does not transform us by dressing up the outside; it’s an inside job, in our mind and in our spirit (Rom. 12:1-2; 2 Cor. 3:17-18). Does He have your permission to renovate and restore you?
This is the sort of insight and gentle teaching to be found in Kingdom Lessons from the Fabric of Life.

An easy combination of autobiography and devotional, Eunice Porter’s new book presents lessons learned not from classes or self-help books, but from the challenges and adventures of a lifetime.
Each chapter is a snapshot of some new moment in the author’s life: her younger brother Russel nearly severing his toe; loudly and piercingly forcing her way into first grade a year early; the death of her baby sister; a nearly immolated farm cat named Peter; the accidental destruction of an antique pitcher and basin. Eunice relates each event to Scripture, and from each event draws a wide range of critical teachings for both personal and spiritual growth.
To most children across the country, The Lord’s Prayer was just a series of memorized words in a strange language…

Today, for thousands of grown-up children who recite those same words every week, has much changed? Are these words meaningful and powerful, or senseless gobbledygook said in a mindless sing-song chant? What was Jesus teaching us when He said we should pray like that? Are there some embedded truths in these words, which need to be mined out and put to use?

Eunice’s fresh insights into well-loved Bible passages are gentle and earnest. Her voice is uniquely conversational, often hilarious, and precise. A book to return to again and again.