Loves Touch in the Corinth Church

Before, during and after I wrote this book, several questions often came to me: Why did the Holy Spirit lay it on my heart to delve into the morass of the first century Corinthian Church to discover some redeeming truth? Was I able to get past the tangled mess and mine out some timeless message? And to whom am I writing anyway? At least Paul knew his audience!
Now, as the manuscript goes to print, I clearly see that Paul gives so much powerful teaching on the Holy Spirit throughout both of his letters to the Church in Corinth. It is this teaching that over-rides everything else. The Holy Spirit is vital in the life of every believer. Paul makes much of His part in our salvation, and in our daily lives as we walk in Him. In emphasizing His gifts to the Church, we see that He is the key to all of our issues. He brings love, joy, peace, and unity into every chaotic situation. He is the power against the enemies of darkness, and to perform signs and wonders, setting us free from dead works and evil thoughts, to walk in liberty!
This, dear believing friends, is the One who lives in you, and His line of work is Renovation and Restoration. I am unashamedly promoting His business in the lives of God’s people, including mine. We just need to give Him the key to our lives, and co-operate with Him in the process. He loves to do it, and all He wants in return is our surrender!

Here’s an excerpt:
Imagine with me that we have found a very old box, affixed with the broken seal of the Apostle Paul, and labeled “Corinth”. In the manner of writing in the first century A.D., we find a number of scrolls, tied together in bundles, with twine. There’s quite a large group marked “Issues to Address”. Hmmm!  We blow off the dust and remove the spider webs, to find articles on “Nasty Behavior”, “Clashing Cultures”, “Dissension”, “Division”, and “Controversial Doctrines”. Obviously these files haven’t been looked at in a long while. They are probably too hot to handle! You can almost feel the heat of Paul’s passion burning through his words.
But wait!
Not all the scrolls are dust-laden. Another group is labeled “Foundational Teaching”. Here Paul writes about “Our Calling in Christ”, “Apostleship”, “Gifting by the Holy Spirit” and “The Resurrection”. It seems that these are ‘safe’ subjects for a lot of people, some more so than others.
Tucked in the midst of these two piles of ‘files’, we find a treasure wrapped in a tiny, shiny box – 13 by 13.

As we open it, we see a silver plaque engraved with words of gold. Aha!